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COVID 19 UPDATE 18th MAY 2020

We are open as usual for the supply of both Cycle Shelters and Smoking Shelters

We are working very hard to assist in the reopening of businesses around the country, helping with extra Cycle Infrastructure as well as the wide and varied use of our smoking shelter range

We have recently sold a lot of Smoking shelters for various types of applications and uses 

As external handwashing bays pre clocking in and or entering work premises

As weather protection for staff at works gates for temperature monitoring as staff arrive

As waiting shelters for shift workers to use while sanitising is carried out between shifts

As extra smoking shelters in order to socially distance for smokers and vapers in their own individual shelters ie our Micro and Small slimline smoking shelte range

If you think they may be of help please feel free to call and discuss

We are open and are ready to help


Stay safe


Our Best Selling Range of Smoking Shelters in a no nonsense deal with free mainland UK Delivery

10 Person Smoking Shelter

Product Name: Urban Smoking Shelter                                  

Product Code: USP/SM10/10P

Size: 3500 mm Long x 2040 mm Wide x 2100 mm High

Description: 10 to 12 Person Capacity Smoking Shelter

Price: £ 859.00 plus Vat                                                             

Total Price including Vat £ 1030.80                                  

Carriage: Free UK Mainland delivery 



The above offer includes all you will need for the shelter including  back panels the only other option is side panels. 

Depending on where the shelter is located you may need the side panels. 

These are available as a Pair for £ 252.00 plus vat Total £ 302.40 

If purchased with the above carriage is free UK Mainland. 

We like to keep things simple with no baffling extras or options. 

If you want a Smoking Shelter at great value then you have come to the right place. 

A complete shelter with or without the side panels. 

If you have any questions please call the number below, we look forward to taking your call

If you want to purchase the shelter on line please use the PayPal button at the top of the page.

PS: This site does not track visitors and show those annoying adds all over the place also the phone number is a standard landline and we do not store your email address or send out any advertising. 

Weekly delivery to London and the South East.

Telephone 0191 5343211



 We also manufacture other size options please click on the images below for more information

               Six to Eight  Perspn smoking Shelter                            8 to 10 Person Smoking Shelter


     6 to 8 Person Smoking Shelter                   8 to 10 Person Smoking to Shelter          

Product information

The Smoking Shelters are made with a mild steel frame and are Plate Mounted Bolt down. The Smoking Shelter is very easy to assemble and is delivered flat pack. The Smoking shelter is lightweight yet robust and being galvanised will give maximum protection from rust for many years. This is a full size shelter and will comfortably accommodate 10 adults. The assembly is very straight forward. The shelters are available in Galvanised finish only however if you want a painted shelter, simply assemble the frame and paint it to the desired colour (leave it to dry) and then fit the sheeting. To hand paint a shelter will only take about 45 minutes.

The Smoking Shelter is supplied with PET Clear view back panels giving a light area to smoke in while at the same time ensuring that users have all round visibility, in addition for user’s security cameras can be trained on the shelter'

Seating can be added to the shelter click here to view our range of seats

woodlands bench

To order this product please telephone 01665577022 or email We will need to know the delivery address including post code and how soon you want delivery. The shelter is manufactured in large sections however assembly is a straight forward two person job.  

A Smoking Shelter designed for everyday day use at a remarkable price.

These Smoking Shelters are one of the cheapest least expensive options available in the market. Available only as a fully galvanised Mild Steel Frame Smoking Shelter it will give many years of maintenance free performance. A Tough Smoking Shelter ideal for all applications. The Smoking Shelter comes with Pet clear view back so that the Smoking Shelter can be seen from all angles and provides a secure weather proof environment. The Smoking Shelters are delivered flat pack and are specifically designed for very easy assembly. Usually available ex stock so you can have them within a day or two. This has to be the least expensive mild steel galvanised shelter available in the UK.

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